The basic idea of “Sladkaya marka” is in a soar journey to the sky. It resembles swallows, the sky, confection and sweetness. This is our philosophical reflection of the “Sweet world” concept. The world itself in our understanding is not just fictitious, it’s quite realistic; it can be created by a group of people such as, the family, for example. The world, where sweetness is a basis of living, or non-living.

“Ja igraju” puts us off to a journey to childhood. Child’s mind perceives it as the real one, as the childhood itself. For adults it’s a trip down memory lanes which calls up backward afterglow. After all, each of us remains the same little kid who just has got a bit more mature. 

“Sladkie gnomiki” embodies the idea of journey to the dwarfs’ fantasy world. It’s a fantastic and interesting trip. In dawn of time dwarfs served people in stead and stall. They brought wealth, taught skills and gave knowledge. But one day they disappeared, and people fell into despair. Day by day they were searching for someone who could replace the dwarfs. And here “Stivado”, as a real magician, has returned peoples’ right-hand men in sweets, and all the very best glory they had been before. Acquaintance and tea party with “Sladkie gnomiki” from “Stivado” make people being anxious to get skills and wealth.  


We travel to the world of knowledge with the help of “Mudriy Mu”. People aspire to knowledge in the course of a lifetime. At times, different situations force us onto it. People develop and grow as all living creatures. They move and travel. 




“Zoloteya” presents delight of the woman’s fantasy world where all your dreams come true. From an early age lovely creatures are travelling in their imaginary world, dreaming of Prince Charming, fairy-tale castle, perceiving themselves as a Princess. And the packing itself combines everything the girl can dream about. 





“Bosi-Bosi” gives you pursuit of motion. It proves it can bring you to friendship, or love when you see two cute barefoot teddy bears. The name itself tells about motion. But it’s not just simple movement; it’s open and force-free. Only good intentions give good results.