With “Aximola” gummy caramel you can travel to the world of imagination. Each of us is a dreamer to a different extent. We dream in our thoughts, sometimes we build castles in the air. We always travel in our mind. And “Aximola” packing is abstract and vivid, as our thoughts.







“Marmilanti” marmalade resembles us sweetmeats from the childhood. The marmalade we remember and imagine so well. It’s not just a sense of nostalgia; it’s a fresh approach you don’t want to change. 







Main “Stivado” concept of journey to sweet life by sweet taste matches “Limpasetki” marmalade for teenagers. Modern and stylish design, catchy name and colourful taste combine active lifestyle and motion idea.








“Bibilini” marmalade is a yummy family –friendly delight for children and their parents. Good family must be close-knit and healthy. It’s well-known that sweetness brings people together and makes them a little more warm-hearted. And, apart from that, natural ingredients mean the product is healthy and nutrient.










 “Multimilk” takes us to the milky flavors journey. 3 modern milky flavors along with the sophisticated name and design will leave a lasting impression. Experience pleasuring taste of the country in metropolis.








In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that “Stivado” is more than a trademark.

It impersonates good intentions and sweet aspire to the very best. It’s created for people of any social class, wealth, religion, or age. After all, nothing else but something native and sweet, coming from childhood can bring us together. Motion and travelling are impossible without connection to sweetness.

We make sweet products for travelers, for those trying to navigate their life and pathway. For dreamers and adventurers, for children who just begin to understand the sweet taste of life.


For those who appreciate and love it.