The company "Lastochka" Ltd. launched a new line of filling and packaging complex, for the packaging of sugar cookies.

The company "Lastochka" has launched a new filling and packaging line for filling marmalade in convenient packaging.
Whole new range of marmalade, now looks new - Marmilanti, Limpasetki, Bibilini, Sladenmil, Kremberi, Multimilk - in a modern convenient package.

On February 15, 2013 the production company "Lastochka" launched a fully automated line of shrink tunnels.

The production enterprise "Lastochka" Ltd. started the production of a new type of sugar cookies - "Slavnoe". These delicious cookies are lean and recommended for religious believers and also for the people leading a healthy way of life!

The company "Lastochka" expanded the cookie branches "Flag Gullivera" and "Nasha marka" well-known to our customers, introducing new types of sesame and flax seeds. Four new mouth-watering kinds of cookies "Flag Gullivera with sesame", "Flag Gullivera with flax", "Nasha marka with sesame", "Nasha Marka with flax", will delight their admirers with new flavors!

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